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Do you work structurally and do you like helping others?
Maybe becoming the Secretary is something made for you!

The main tasks of the secretary will be:

Keeping up with the mail/letters
You will be doing the administration concerning the e-mail and the incoming letters.
You will be coming to the office at least once a week at Stamkartplein 178.
These letters will be sorted in mailboxes. You will be given access to the e-mail. These e-mails will also be sorted, so that everything remains clear.

Handling complaints
As a secretary you will be responsible for the handling of the complaints. You will contact DUWO to make sure these complaints will be resolved. You will be expected to compose a document of complaints. You will do everything in your power in order to look after our tenants. This means you are someone that loves helping others.

Managing the archive
You will make sure that the archive remains in a good state. 'De Eerste Kamer' has a SYNC account. This is an online cloud where all our important documents are located. You are responsible for keeping the SYNC clear and tidy, so that the other board members know where to find all the documents that they need.

Agenda and making minutes
'De Eerste Kamer' strives for a fixed meeting moment. If the board members can't make it, you are responsible for making a new appointment with them. Usually, the meeting take place once every two weeks. During these meetings, you will make notes and you will place those in the SYNC

This function will take 5-10 hours a week on average.
Are you interested? Send an e-mail to pr@de-eerste-kamer.nl with your resume and motivation!