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As the tenant association of the Hague housing agency DUWO, we look after the interests and concerns of the almost 4000 tenants. This means that whenever DUWO dictates her policy, we are allowed to agree or sometimes even counsel on said policy. This is how we influence the decisions that DUWO makes. We negotiate (among other topics) on the following topics:

  • Rental prices and the yearly rent increase;
  • The composition and reckoning of service costs;
  • Services by DUWO;
  • Placement policy;
  • DUWO’s customer satisfaction;
  • The managing and security of DUWO’s buildings;
  • DUWO’s sustainability policy;

To be able to look after Hague tenants’ concerns and interests as well as possible, De Eerste Kamer is active on both central (in terms of policy) and local (practical) level. At central level we work together with our sister organizations in Delft, Amstelveen, Leiden and Amsterdam, to help each other with knowledge and counsel. At local level we put our heads together with directors and social managers of DUWO Den Haag, Gemeente Den Haag and other various (student) interest groups.

Furthermore we find interest in when individual tenants engage in problems with DUWO, that we can help. In all previously named topics, the interests and concerns of the tenant are first and foremost.