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What is the difference between a tenants organization, resident committee and student management?

In short, the main difference between a tenants organization and resident committee is the magnitude of the group it represents. A resident committee represents the tenants of a specific complex. The tenants organization represents all tenants of the housing corporation and thus has a bigger influence. They represent more tenants than just the tenants of a specific complex and accordingly have different rights. The tenants organization, for example, is allowed to give counsel on the general policy of the corporation, said corporation is therefore obligated to respond within a legally determined timeframe. The rights and plights of tenants organizations and resident commissions are determined in the ‘Overlegwet’.

Tenants organizations and resident committee operate at the level of resident participation, opposing student management, that (in service of DUWO) offers various services in interest of both the tenant and DUWO. Final responsibility lies with Social Management by DUWO. Student managers engage in welcoming conversations with each new tenant and provide information on the building, fire safety and house rules.


What is the tenants organization able to do for the resident committee?

Because of the different legal positions that the tenants organization has, it has better access to the housing corporation. A tenants organization has, according to the ‘Overlegwet’, right to information and counsel concerning policy changes and a right to negotiate, like negotiations between the municipality, DUWO and different stakeholders on housing. Furthermore she mediates in complaints between tenant and DUWO. This means that we have intensive ties with DUWO and that we are in contact with many of DUWO’s employees. Accordingly, we engage in negotiations with the branch director of DUWO at least 4 times a year. In this conversation, various cases get handled. Both DUWO and De Eerste Kamer can suggest topics to be discussed.

Besides, we often engage in consultation with Social Management, because some problems are solved quickest in the workplace. With the many connections that De Eerste Kamer has, she can easily help out with problems that at first hand seem insolvable. When problems of such difficulty arise in different buildings, De Eerste Kamer can detect these and combine forces. Together we are stronger.


What is the resident committee able to do for the tenants organization?

De Eerste Kamer strives to maintain a good relationship with the resident committee, as she is the eyes and ears of a complex and it’s problems. When problems, at complex level, don’t get solved, De Eerste Kamer can help out, as we can adress these problems to the board of DUWO. When, as said, such problems arise in multiple buildings, De Eerste Kamer can combine forces and is able to pressure DUWO from multiple sides in order to solve these problems.


What is tenants association De Eerste Kamer able to do for the resident committee?

De Eerste Kamer is a young association and isn’t connected to all resident committee. When this network gets finalized, De Eerste Kamer wants to organize informational evenings for the resident commissions, provided that there is some necessity for such evenings. The goal for such evenings is to make sure that the resident committee in The Hague get to know us and give a short explanation on legal rights and plights that this resident committee has. Furthermore, this evening is a great opportunity to get to know other resident commissions, exchange experiences and provide a situation in which De Eerste Kamer can survey the problems that are evident during this evening.

If there is a necessity to get into contact or ask for counsel, you can always contact us at info@de-eerste-kamer,nl. After all, we have the same goal!