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Complaint procedure

DUWO is is always supposed to do her utmost best to be of service to her tenants. However, sometimes the situation arises that something goes wrong. The most effective way to deal with such moments, is to directly contact the employee appointed for the situation. You can do this by calling, (with an appointment) meet, e-mail or write a letter.


Official complaints

Say that this procedure does not generate a satisfactory outcome, then, filing an – official – complaint and send it towards a team leader is a next step you could take. An official complaint can be filed by letter that should always explicitly state that said letter concerns a complaint.

If you’re not satisfied with the provided solution, you can file a complaint at De Eerste Kamer. We will have a look at your complaint and the provided solution. Another solution is going to the Geschillencomissie Huursector. This independent complaints commission mediates in disputes between individual tenants and DUWO.


What is De Eerste Kamer able to do for you?

When you’re unsatisfied with the provided solutions by DUWO, De Eerste Kamer can mediate in disputes between you and DUWO. Send an e-mail or a private message on Facebook with a description of the problem and the steps you’ve already taken. We will contact you as soon as possible, and take your request into processing. Even if you decide to use undermentioned solutions, De Eerste Kamer can assist with counsel.


Other possibilities

  1. Disputes committee

If you’re not satisfied with the provided solutions by DUWO, there is a possibility to contact an independent, local dispute committee.


Be aware: this is not for regular repair requests. Nuisance complaints by your neigbours or surroundings are alsosolved differently; by going to the residential consultant of DUWO. Problems with the rent or rental payment are’nt disputes (at first). In that case you should go to the department Back Office Wonen.


Disputes with DUWO are handled by the independent Lokale Geschillencomissie Woningcorporaties Leiden (Local Disputes Committee Residential Corporations Leiden). This committee consists of three member, that process the dispute together.



In the Reglement Lokale Geschillencomissie Woningcorporaties Leiden (Regulations Local Disputes Committee Residential Corporations Leiden) are regulations concerning how to process disputes. Rights can solely be drawn from this document. Download the document here.


Filing a dispute and the process

You can file a dispute for processing by the dispute committee by using the dispute form. This is free of charge. Filing a dispute is only for tenants, sub- or cotenants of DUWO Leiden and people searching a residency.

The postal adress of the committee is:

Secretariaat Geschillencommissie Woningcorporaties Leiden

Postbus 356


For more info on the processing of complaints on DUWO by the disputes committee, click here.



There is no way of appealing to a judgement by the disputes committee. Is your complaint for whatever reason not processed by the disputes committee or DUWO, then you can file a complaint with Commissie Aedescode. Their adress is: Commissie AedesCode, Postbus 611, 1200 AP Hilversum. They will not look into your complaint, but are able to force the disputes committee or DUWO to look into your case, if they agree to your request. For more information, click here.

  1. Rental committee

For disputes between tenant and owner, rental and service fares of rented residencies. You can go to the rental committee. The difference between the rental committee and the disputes committee is that the disputes committee mostly looks at the processing of the complaint, and the rental committee focuses on the legal side of the complaint. More information here.

  1. Court of Justice

When all aforementioned possibilities are tried, there is the possibility to go the court of justice.