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Do I get a rent allowance from DUWO as a Hague tenant?

As a dependent

Sometimes. DUWO rents a number of buildings with independent units, for which you can receive a rent allowance. If you are looking for a room via Studentenwoningweb, information on rent allowance is provided at the rental data of the offer. If you are already are renting a room, you can check in at My DUWO – financial.

As an independent

Often, rent allowance depends on renting fares, service fares and your income. For more information, you can go to the Benefits pageon the website of the Belastingdienst. At this page, you can make a test calculation and request an allowance.


Do I get a remission from municipal taxes as a Hague tenant?

As a dependent

No, as tenant of a dependent residency (room with shared services) you will not be granted a remission, as DUWO collects taxes on these rooms. Because of this, the possibility for tenants to be granted a remission on municipal tax expires. Since tax year 2012, municipalities are obligated to impose assessments on the tenant. The tenant consequently processes these assessments in the rental fare or service fares.

However, tenants in the municipality of The Hague are able to receive a compensation in housing costs for tenants. With this regulation (Tegemoetkoming Woonlasten Kamerhuurders, TWK for short) the municipality caters to tenants with a low income. Check the website of the municipality to see if this is an option for you.

As an independent

Tenants of an independent residency are able to be given a remission. The municipal taxes, that are of appliance, are waste charges (for collecting and processing waste), drainage charges and treatment charges (for treating waste water). Seeing that this is quite a big bill for students, you can request a remission from the municipality. With a remission, your income, student loans as well as savings or even possession of a car or motorcycle. For more information we would like to redirect you to the website of The Hague: https://www.denhaag.nl/en/taxes.htm


Do I still have the right for a rent allowance after a rent increase?

Yes, if you receive a rent allowance and haven’t moved since, you will keep your right to a rent allowance, regardless of rent increases. If you’ve moved, capping limits come into play. When the initial rent is higher than such a capping limit, you will not receive a rent allowance. For tenants younger than 21, there are lower capping limits than for other tenants. It’s important to check which capping limits apply at the moment that you want to move into a new room/residency. Moreover, DUWO takes these capping limits into account in the rental policies. With an increase of income, the rent allowance can expire fully or partially. In that case, make another test calculation at the Benefit page on the site of the Belastingdienst. This can prevent that you will have to repay big sums of money on illegitimately granted rent allowances.


Why does the reckoning take this long?

In the composition of your rent, a deposit concerning gas, water and electricity, is also included. DUWO estimates the consumption of these. Every year, you will receive a reckoning on this deposit. It depends on you consumption if you will have to pay or receive money. In June, DUWO reckons with all buildings, but seeing the proportion of this effort, and seeing that DUWO cannot always find enough manpower to successfully execute, this reckoning can be a tad late. Of course this is an unfortunate event, the buildings are centrally pushed by DUWO to be quicker, and if possible within the legal term with their reckoning. Problem is, that there is a term of 6 months, but the lawmaker has not tied any sanctions to exceeding this term. This question has got our attention because of its repeated arising, for both us and other tenant association.